• Do you need to run both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino?
  • Has you organisation had a merger, acquisition or IT restructure?

The Problem:

Mergers, acquisitions, and IT restructures can all result in multiple IT systems being used in the same organisation. You are faced with keeping two systems running side by side, keeping free/busy time information up to date on both systems, email flowing, and users happy.

The Solution:

A common approach following a merger or acquisition is to install Microsoft's calendar connector between Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino however this has several inherent issues. This can lead to disgruntled management teams on both sides of any "combined/new" organisation, which may ultimately result in forcing one IT domain to consume another. However, ICT management today wish to keep their company structures and details separate and remain autonomous in IT delivery. Using Sync-ED this IT domain autonomy can be preserved without the downside of the current "calendar connector" issues.

Microsoft Calendar Connector has many issues in providing accurate free time/busy time information. With Sync-ED installed, free time/busy time is provided by the existing mail systems and does not rely on a third party component.

Sync-ED for Coexistence resolves these issues.