• Are you developing a IBM Lotus Domino┬« or Microsoft Exchange┬« calendar product?

Sync-ED can enable any product which requires Calendar and Contacts integration to run on both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino. If you have a product for Domino which uses the address book or calendar, you can now market that product to Microsoft Exchange clients, or vise versa.


Sync-ED provides a link between Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino through which contacts and calendar documents can flow. Options are provided to allow for one-way or bi-directional synchronisation. Sync-ED can be configured for one Mailbox or many, Contacts or Calendar only, or both.


Sync-ED does not require any software installation on the Microsoft Exchange Server; all communication between the servers is performed by standard MAPI. All that is required on the IBM Lotus Domino Server is a small footprint installation and a single Notes Template.

Many applications have some level of Calendar or Contacts integration. Expand your market with Sync-ED.